Customers inspire BASF Crop Protection and Specialty Products USA.

Paul Rea

Paul Rea
Senior Vice President
Crop Protection, North America

We are working to turn their plans into reality through active collaboration.

Helping our customers be more successful requires recognizing what they need tomorrow and developing intelligent solutions to increase their competitiveness.

To accomplish this, we jointly discover business opportunities with our customers, and develop solutions based on science and technology. That collaborative commitment is backed by a robust R&D investment program, resulting in a pipeline of valuable products.

Also, by considering the impact to our customers of the decisions we make, we are better able to put sustainable solutions into their hands.

Read on for examples of how BASF works with our customers to build innovative solutions tailored to their needs, enabling shared success.

BASF Celebrates 150th Anniversary in Chicago

Paul Rea Agribusiness Interview Thumbnail

As part of the celebration of BASF's 150th anniversary, BASF hosted a Science Symposium in Chicago in June 2015 to address one of the world’s pressing future challenges: sustainable food.

Industry Buzz: BASF Crop Protection Joins the Honey Bee Health Coalition

BASF has joined the Honey Bee Health Coalition, a growing and diverse group focused on improving the health of honey bees in North America. As a member, BASF will work with other Coalition members to improve bee health and protect the future of honey bees and the food supply.

Ag Service Sees Regional Trends in Fungicide and Herbicide Use

Dean Schafer

Working on the front lines of Ag Service gives agronomists a leading edge on understanding trends in weed-resistance management, disease control and Plant Health. Dean Schafer, an agronomist with Chebanse Ag Service in Chebanse, Illinois, has analyzed trends in his region and seen growers repeatedly turn to BASF for the products they need.

Headline® brings big ROI for Missouri Grower

Jack Holifield

Jack Holifield grows corn, cotton and soybeans on a 3,500-acre farm in Kennett, Mo. Most of the farm is minimum- or no-till, and he irrigates about 90 percent of the land. A few years ago, Holifield started using Headline® fungicide on his corn and soybeans for increased disease control and Plant Health benefits.


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